Accurate diagnosis and successful treatment are a result of diagnostics. It is, hence, important to visit a reputed diagnostic laboratory for your investigative tests. AMYRA MULTI SPECIALITY Clinic is supported by AMYRA MULTI SPECIALITY Diagnostics for laboratory services to ensure that diagnostic test results are reliable and promptly delivered. We offer a range of laboratory tests and diagnostic procedures, including clinical pathology, biochemistry, haematology, microbiology and serology tests. With post-modern equipment and technologies, trained and experienced staff, we promise to support and provide you with the best lab services possible.

Laboratory Services

Our patient-first philosophy is reflected in our 24×7 laboratory service facility. We employ leading-edge technology to provide affordable inpatient and outpatient testing, quick turnarounds and superior customer service.

Laboratory tests available at AMYRA MULTI SPECIALITY Clinic:

Blood Tests
Blood Sugar
Lipid Profile
Liver Function Test
Kidney Function Test
Complete Blood Count (CBC), which also includes Total Leukocyte Count (TLC), Differential Leukocyte Count (DLC)
Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)
Urine Test
Stool Test
Thyroid Function Test
We ensure that every lab test is accurate, reproducible, precise and is quickly reported through a well-equipped laboratory and a team of highly efficient, knowledgeable, motivated and qualified technicians to operate specialised equipment. Our doctors, too, consistently involve themselves to produce world-class results and uphold quality assurance.

At AMYRA MULTI SPECIALITY Clinic, we understand the importance of your health and therefore, offer you comprehensive diagnostic care services. We aim to help people get an accurate diagnosis of their condition through various types of laboratory tests and provide them with the best treatments possible.